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Effect of Electro Oxidizing Water on Skin Ulcers

Biontech BTM 3000 Water Ionizer

Toshiaki Sato, Hisasi Aoyama and Haruki Asanuma Department of Plastic Surgery and Department of Clinical Examination Aichi Medical University

There have been great difficulties in the management of infection of burn patients. Effects of antibiotic agents are uncertain. Recently, electrooxidizing water has been used as a disinfectant in many hospitals and the effect of this water is recognized. In this study, we tried to identify the changes of bacterial flora on burned skin to use electro oxidizing water as disinfection and we found that this water clearly affects bacterial flora. There were no bacteria identified for 3 hours after disinfection. We believe that the electro oxidizing water is useful in the management of infections in burn patients.


Kiichi Inagawa, Takahiko Moriguchi Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Kawasaki Medical School

Chronic ulcer with infection such as MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococous Aureus) is difficult to heal. We often see resistance to the healing of chronic ulcers from surgical treatments or other conventional treatment methods. Because of this resistance we have applied a conservative treatment method using the electro oxidizing water and have obtained satisfactory results. We have washed the lesions with electro oxidizing water once a day. 12 cases of infectious ulcers were reported where 5 cases were healed, 3 cases were well granulated and the remaining 4 cases where infections were healed.

In a separate test we treated 12 cases of chronic ulcer cases that were resistant against various conservative treatments by electro oxidizing water. They consist of

2 cases of confinement sore (1 at sacrum, the other at ischium), 3 cases of burn (1 at sinciput, 3 at knees), 3 cases of external skin injury (2 at legs, the other at foot),

3 cases of skin fistula (1 at sinciput, 1 at knee, the other at leg), and 1 case of infection by inserting a tissue expander (at cheek).

Pus came out of each lesion. In 6 cases, MRSA was detected in the pus. As a treatment, the lesion was washed with electro oxidizing water once a day. As a result, 5 cases saw the lesions covered by epithelium, 3 cases did not go as far but had granulation, and the rest of the 4 cases saw remission of pus and foul odor. During the treatment, no abnormality was identified seemingly caused by side effects of electro oxidizing water whether it was self-conscious or not. It is reported that lavage of the lesion by electro oxidizing water demonstrates an excellent debridement effect as compared to that by only salt water or iodine solution. In our tests, the debridement effect was recognized since, according to our experience, it was easier to remove the dead tissues in the lesion than otherwise, and also remission of pus and foul odor was identified.

Furthermore, the speed of this function deserves special mention. In all cases, remission of pus and foul odor was identified within 3 days of electro oxidizing water treatment. However, if infection reached deep into the tissues, pus could not be stopped completely. It seems possible that this problem is solved if the application method is somehow improved. Finally, electro oxidizing water can be applied on burn lesions without damaging newly formed granulation. Rather, epithelium was formed quickly by the granulation effect of this water.


Katsumi Tanaka, Tohru Fujii, Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Nagasaki University School of Medicine

In cases of infectious wounds and chronic ulcers such as diabetic and ischemic ulcers, it is necessary to treat them by washing and cleansing before application of ointment therapy or performing an operation. Bathing, washing and wet dressing (wet to dry dressing) with electro oxidizing water was applied to 37 clinical cases. Then we observed conditions of the wounds and bacterial changes.

In this study, all cases saw improvement in regards to bactericidal effects and granulation. Among these, the wounds were conservatively healed in 7 cases, whereas the rest of 30 cases had the wounds gradually cleansed and reduced. In most cases, the bacterial counts have dropped down to aseptic condition. It is implied that electro oxidizing water has bactericidal effects in clinical cases and effectively promoted wound healing.

A. Preface

Cleaning the lesion is needed first before the operation or ointment therapy to treat infectious wounds and chronic ulcers. We tried to treat them by bathing, cleansing or wet dressing with electro oxidizing water, and observed remission of infections and formation of granulation to evaluate effectiveness of this method. Our study reports on how to apply electro oxidizing water, list up the clinical cases, and drew a conclusion on the effectiveness of electro oxidizing water.

B. Study Subject and Method

Electro oxidizing water was applied to 37 patients who were treated at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Nagasaki University , School of Medicine during a 12-month period from August 1994 to July 1995. Among them, 28 were men, 9 women, ranging in age from 3 to 94 averaging 46.

17 cases had infectious wounds due to external damages or operation, 7 had chronic ulcers caused by blood vessel malfunction, 3 had gangrene or chronic ulcers accompanied by diabetes, 8 fresh burns and 2 confinement sores.

The methods of applying electro oxidizing water differ slightly by clinical case. In general, bathing or cleaning by electro oxidizing water and gauze exchanged by wet to dry dressing were applied to the patients of infectious wounds and chronic ulcers. In case of fresh burns, electro oxidizing water was used to clean and remove secretion and pus on the lesion at the time of bandage exchange. The method and frequency of applying electro oxidizing water were decided on a case-by-case basis and were modified whenever the symptoms changed.

C. Evaluation

Criteria were set for each symptom to conduct economic observation. Among these criteria, lesion's characteristics were categorized into location, size, condition of granuloma (color, bleeding), amount and character of secretion, degree of pain, foul odor, extent of epithelium formation. As to bacterial infections, bacteria were cultured on a regular basis. They were identified and the patient's sensitivity was checked. At the same time, types of disinfectants and side medicine, dressing materials, and operations procedures were described.

Regarding the side effects, we made notes about stimuli against skin and membrane, sharp pain and allergy.

D. Study results

The period of treatment by electro oxidizing water was 1 week minimum to maximum of 4 months. In all the 37 cases, each lesion was cleaned and reduced. None of them got worse. The bacteria turned negative or got reduced in 19 cases. In the worst 3 cases where infections spread to the entire body, bacteria colony counts did not decrease dramatically, but the lesions have been reduced and cleaned. 7 out of 37 cases have healed conservatively whereas the other 30 have gone through operations.

As to the side effects, 1 case had reddish skin immediately after the applications of electro oxidizing water, and another had irritation at the lesion. Since the symptoms were so light that the applications has been continued and eventually they healed by themselves without deterioration. No abnormality was found for other treatment cases.

While understanding that there are more clarification that is needed about the bactericidal effects and efficacy of electro oxidizing water, we believe that cleaning the lesion promotes its healing when electro oxidizing water is used for the treatment of infectious wounds and chronic ulcers.


Hiroyuki Kanazawa, Yoshiyuki Minamimoto, Kouichi Honda, Hiroharu Igawa

Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Hokkaido University , School of Medicine & Tsuneki Sugihara, Keiseigeka Memorial Hospital

Electro oxidizing water has unique characteristics including high positive oxidation reduction potential, strong acidity, high concentration of dissolved chloride and oxygen. Skin ulcers with infections by MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) is difficult to heal. We, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, treat skin ulcers resistant to surgical procedures of various conservative therapies. We treated the ulcers with the use of electro oxidizing water and have obtained satisfactory results. We hereby report 13 cases of ineffective ulcers.

This clinically applied therapy proved to be so effective against the symptoms that it can be conveniently applied to many more.

A. Preface

In the past several years, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (hereinafter called MRSA) is becoming the main cause of infections in the hospital. Since our ward combines plastic and reconstructive surgery with dermatology, patients of chronic diseases and skin ulcer due to confinement sore as well as those who need high-tech and long-term treatments are concentrated.

Under these circumstances, it is known that strong acidic electrolyzed solution (hereinafter called EOW) has a powerful bactericidal effect, can be easily produced, and is very cost-effective. The bactericidal effect of EOW comes from physical function of oxidation-reduction potential, which is proved to have a very low toxicity compared to chemical agents.

Therefore, in our department with many skin ulcer patients, it is expected to be widely used if clinical effects and safety of EOW is established. This time, we would like to present some cases of conservative treatment against infectious skin ulcer by EOW together with our analyses.

B. Study Subject and Method

EOW was applied to 13 patients of MRSA-infected skin ulcer from December 1994 to September 1995. 9 of them were men, 4 women, ranging in ages of 1 6 to 76 averaging at 44. 4 cases were ulcer from confinement sore, 2 burn ulcers, 6 infectious ulcer due to injury or operation, the remaining ulcerous case was caused by blood vessel malfunction.

EOW was produced by the membrane-type electrolyzer systems installed in the hospital. The EOW was stored in shaded air-tight bottles at normal room temperature. The entire water supply was renewed every week.

C. Study Results

The period of application of EOW ranged from 1 week to 1 month. 12 out of 13 cases saw reduction of secretion, cleaning of the lesion, benign granulation etc. In addition, the bacteria turned negative with reduced colony counts. In one case, almost no changes were observed during the treatment by EOW. No particular side effects were in any of the cases.

D. Analysis

Because of its high oxidation-reduction potential, EOW kills bacteria by taking away their electrons and oxidizing them several seconds after the first contact. EOW itself gains electrons and gets neutralized to turn to low-concentration salt water. Unlike regular bactericidal chemical agents (disinfectants), EOW does not have problems of osmosis or residual of chemical substances.

Among others, bactericidal effects of EOW are reported to be effective against not only general germs such as yellow staphylococcus, coliform (Escherichia coli) and bacillus pyocyaneus (Pseudomonas aeruginosa), but also against drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA. EOW is also said to have even virucidal and eubactericidal effects.

We have applied EOW to treat 10 patients of infectious skin ulcer by washing the lesion. In comparison with the effects by salt water, we had the following impression about EOW:

1. The lesion was cleaned and benign granulation occurred more rapidly.

2. Epithelium formation from surrounding tissues was made more quickly.

3. The total period of treatment was shorter.

As for the MRSA, lavage by EOW made it turn negative quicker than that by conventional method. However, we also had a feeling that it would not be easy to completely kill bacteria in deeply infected lesions.

Biontech BTM 3000 Water Ionizer

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